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Donate this winter

As winter approaches and we head closer to the festive season, charities begin to launch their Christmas appeals asking for donations for the homeless, underprivileged children and families  living in poverty. 2020 has been an unprecedented year and local charities such as Salford Food Bank, The Mustard Tree, Emmaus and Wood Street Mission have seen a huge rise in demand for their services. As lockdown continues, more people are struggling to make ends meet and need help from the community more than ever. Latest research by The Trussell Trust, which supports the UK network of Foodbanks (ie. Salford Food Bank), shows that they are forecast to give out a staggering six emergency food parcels every minute this winter. Christmas will undoubtedly be different for us all this year - a much more subdued affair with less festive events to enjoy, restrictions on going out and not being able to see all our family or friends, BUT we can be thankful for what we do have. Others are not as lucky. What can we do? We can help out in many simple ways:-• Donate food, clothing, essential items or toys• Volunteer to help a charity• Donate money• Buy a meal for a homeless person• Look out for our neighbours A little help from us this winter could make a huge difference to one person or one family in crisis. In our October-November 2020 issue we feature some of the relevant charities in Salford, but here is a longer list of ones you could support this winter:-• Salford Food Bank • The Mustard Tree • Emmaus. • Wood Street Mission • Salford Loaves and Fishes• A Bed Every Night• Cash For Kids This year On Our Doorstep are pledging to donate a bag of food, clothes or essential items for every advert that we run in our next issue: December20-January21. We will spread the donations between a few charities. It's a small way in which we can help our community.     

Kids Mental Health

Back to School... Back to Normal?​If you have school-aged children you may have found the few weeks challenging with our little ones (and big ones!) returning to school during the pandemic. My boys (13 & 14) were nervous, but excited, to get back to school after six months of not seeing friends and actually keen to get back into learning in real live classes and not online! Things are certainly different now; from wearing masks on the school bus, being bubbled in year groups and not being able to play freely as they used to. Even as teenagers my boys need the freedom to run around and to burn off their excess energy - they found it a shock to get back to such a restrictive regime. They almost wanted to return to home schooling again! I did hope that over time, things would ease but even as I write this (we are only into the 2nd week of school), restrictions seem to be getting tighter and many school children across Salford and Manchester are already being sent home to self isolate. It’s worrying as a parent to see how this will all pan out and the impact on our children’s mental health cannot be ignored. School is one of the key focal points in our children’s lives, giving them stability, meaning, self-worth, esteem, and a purpose. How will the new measures and disruption to school life affect them? Different age groups will be affected differently. We asked local expert Caroline Simmons for advice on how to spot the tell-tale signs that their mental wellbeing is at risk and what can we do to help... Mental Health in ChildrenWe’re all getting used to a new kind of normal and our children are no exception. New data from Public Health England (PHE) revealed that Covid-19 has caused an increase in anxiety in young people,and a third of young people aged 8-24 reported being more worried, sad and stressed than before lockdown. That’s no surprise. Our brains are programmed to be fearful of change and uncertainty – it’s how wekeep safe. So how can you tell if your child is struggling and how can you help? Signs of AnxietyPhysical signs may include:• Headaches and upset stomachs• Tiredness• Sleep problems and nightmares Behavioural signs may include:• Lack of motivation• Feeling overwhelmed• Irritability or angry outbursts• Over or under eating• Social withdrawal• Obsessive thoughts or behaviours What can you do to help?• Manage your own stress and anxiety. Children will pick up on your signals and follow your lead.• Encourage your children to discuss any worries with you and research the facts. News stories are good at catastrophising and the truth is often reassuring!• Help your children to switch their focus from what’s going wrong to what’s going well. One way to do this is to ask what’s been good about their day at school instead of how their day was.• Limit their exposure to the news and social media. Bad news can overwhelm us, and our brains need to relax and switch off. Have a cut off point 2 hours before bed.• Encourage a good night-time routine, sleep is so important because it’s when we process our stresses from the day. • Encourage activities and hobbies they enjoy where they can switch off from their worries, such as music or sport. For more advice get in touch with:Caroline Simmons BSc, CNCH, AfSFH, NCH, NLPSolution Focused Hypnotherapist &   

Restaurant Takeaways

 If you fancy a night off cooking, here is a list of local restaurants which are still offering a Takeaway Service so you can enjoy restaurant-quality food in the comfort of your own home!  Please check their websites or Facebook pages for their latest menus or to order online. Click below to view  Supporting Local Businesses and our Community


Here is a guide to Supermarket opening times within our distribution area (mainly Salford West).Where available we have added Elderly/Vulnerable and NHS Staff priority times. This will be updated on a regular basis, but you can also check on the supermarket's website for the latest opening hours before making your trip. Click below to view  Supporting Local Businesses and our Community

5 Reasons to Shop Local

One unexpected and welcome outcome from the Coronavirus lockdown is the way in which many small businesses have been able to adapt so that they can keep trading. We’ve seen cafes become grocers, restaurants develop collection and take-away services almost overnight, shops develop onlinee-commerce stores, and salon owners becoming YouTube stars as they share their skills and expertise with ever widening and appreciative audiences. Even during times of crisis, the demand to shop can open up new opportunities in many industries. At On Our Doorstep we’ve always believed that shopping locally plays a vital role, and no matter whatour world will look like in the future we should all carry on supporting local enterprise. So here are 5 reasons why shopping local matters, now more than ever. 1) It builds local communities & strengthens local economiesWhen you support a local business, you are supporting your friends, family, and neighbours.The availability of local shops is especially important for the elderly, vulnerable, young people and those without access to private transport. Plus the more money that local councils make in rent and rates,the more they can spend on supporting local infrastructure and public services. 2) Local small businesses add character to towns and villages A small business or boutique shop adds character to the city or town when you walk or drive by. In a world that has become increasingly dominated by chain stores, a local business’s branding is uniqueand often quirky, adding something different to your High Street, offering an alternative experience,and bringing a much needed breath of fresh air into areas populated by generic stores and companies. 3) Shopping local creates more job opportunities and encourages entrepreneurship A local business that becomes a success will grow, and as they grow they’ll recruit more staff from the local population. Plus their success will encourage other local businesses to open up to take advantageof the footfall, encouraging other people to take the plunge and become entrepreneurs too! 4) You get a more personalised serviceLocal business owners are friendly and engaging; they get to know their customers at a personal level and can provide better advice about their products and services. Local traders value your business more since their survival depends on their good reputation and repeat business. They can often adapt their products to suit your personal requirements, or source something bespoke for you, which big chains won’t do. 5) It’s better for the environmentShopping local means less mileage and petrol costs for you, which helps reduce CO2 emissions. Plus local shops often stock locally sourced goods which not only supports the local economy but also reduces transport times and costs of the goods, which impacts positively on their carbon footprint. We know its tempting to default to the big chains or to buy online. But shopping locally is usually just as cost-effective and convenient, plus you are supporting your local community.  Remember, buy local whenever you can - our local businesses need us!  Recovering from the impact of lockdown will be a slow process.    

7 ways to Stay Connected to your Clients

Following the announcement on Thursday that Lockdown has been extended for another 3 weeks, we thought today would be a good time to share some Marketing tips to help your business stay ahead during these uncertain times.  If you haven’t done already, now is definitely the time to focus on your Marketing; keeping existing clients happy, reaching out to new ones and increasing your visibility in the local community. We have put together some tips to help your business stay ahead during the Coronavirus Lockdown.To keep it bite-size, we are focussing on Existing Clients for today.  7 Ways To Support Your Customers And Stay Connected 1) Keep Your Customers InformedHave you sent out a Coronavirus statement? Let clients know how the lockdown has affected your business. Are you temporarily closed or able to keep trading, have you changed the way you provide services, are you able to still plan projects via email/online, what services can you still provide etc….Let them know are committed to supporting them.  2) Share AdviceThink about how the Coronavirus may have impacted your customers; can you share tips and adice within your field of expertise to help them? You can become a positive presence in these uncertain times by sharing uplifting and constructive advice.  3) Calling Elderly or Vulnerable ClientsIf you have such clients, a short phone call to check in would be most welcome. Being isolated for so long and devoid of human contact can cause a lot of anxiety and take it’s toll on mental health. Not everyone has relatives nearby to help. A quick hello and "can I help" will go a long way. 4) Connect with Major Clients via a Gift Service If you have had to put substantial projects on hold, why not make a gesture of goodwill and send a gift to demonstrate your commitment. (You may like to send a small gift or grocery delivery to any elderly or vulnerable clients). 5) Keep CommunicatingWhilst we are uncertain when we will get back to 'normal', keep in touch with clients via email or phone call. Let them know what is happening on your side, that you are here to support them and give your clients a chance to be heard and to give you feedback. 6) Share Your Business DevelopmentsYou may have been able to adapt the way you deliver existing services, or have introduced new ones over the lockdown. For example, local restaurants are offering a takeaway or grocery delivery service, some businesses are conducting meetings online via Zoom, salons have focussed on selling beauty/hair products whilst closed, some have launched online courses, therapists can offer phone/online therapy sessions.Keep your clients updated and let them know how your new services can help them. Share via email, newletters and social media. 7) Engage on Social MediaNow is the time to optimise your use of Social Media to stay in touch and support your clients. We are all on it so much more - it's our main source of community information and communication. Share their posts, like and comment on them, send them messages…. Respond in any way you can help, let them know you are here to support them.            We hope you find these tips useful - we will post more tips next week!Photo by Tim Mossholder Stay Safe • Stay Healthy • Stay Positive • Stay In

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